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The Nolinski spirit is exemplified by its unique and multiple gastronomic offering. Its restaurants have individual atmospheres but share the same generosity, offering an authentic, Mediterranean inflected cuisine refined by sophisticated French technique. Executive Chef of Il Caffè and Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia, the passionate Philip Chronopoulos, has created the menus. He is also the head chef of the two-Michelin-star Palais Royal Restaurant Paris. Each Venetian address is unique and has its own culinary identity: an imaginative contemporary menu in one, and haute gastronomy in the other.

IL Caffè

In a setting inspired by both the Venetian androne and the art of the gondola, Il Caffè welcomes guests in its courtyard restaurant. At sunset, thanks to a subtle play of lighting, ripples reflect off the fountain and adorn the courtyard’s verdant walls with ever-changing impressionistic touches, echoing the way the waters of the canals reflect against the façades of Venetian palaces. On the menu: skilfully prepared dishes of homely Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

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Palais Royal Restaurant

Set within the majestic Modernist former auditorium, the Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia is like a stage set for a performance of a magnificent gastronomic opera. From the table settings to the food, classicism and contemporary style strike up the music of sheer delight.

Philip Chronopoulos

Born in Athens, Philip Chronopoulos came to France at the age of 18, where he enrolled in the Paul Bocuse cookery school in Lyon. A series of internships led him to discover the styles of great chefs like Alain Passard and Joël Robuchon. He became a member of Robuchon’s inner circle, where he rose to become Chef of the Atelier Étoile. In 2015, at the age of 29, Chronopoulos found himself in the limelight as the head chef of the new Palais Royal Restaurant in Paris. Though it was a steep learning curve and a path paved with doubt, he won his first Michelin star barely two years after the restaurant opened. The second, awarded in 2022, confirmed his instinct that an authentic, personal style of cooking drawing on his own culinary roots cannot fail to touch a chord. His signature: a relentless mastery of sophisticated French culinary techniques that allows him to opt for simplicity, playing brilliantly with all the riches Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.