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The treatment suite

The Nolinski Treatment Suite By myBlend offers a timeless sensory escape. In the image of Venice, which so successfully blends the past and the future, this is a unique encounter between the elegance of Ottoman-inspired decoration and exceptional high-tech treatments, for a holistic and rare beauty experience. Beneath this protective dome ceiling, let yourself be carried away by myBlend‘s expertise in the art of creating a specific treatment tailored to suit your skin’s emotion. Indulge in a highly personalised, exclusive experience of well-being and serenity. Prolong your experience beside the pool on the top floor of the Nolinski Venezia. Unique and exclusive to Venice, the golden pool offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the skyline and Venetian rooftops.

Tel: +39 041 4062459

The Nolinski Treatment Suite By myBlend is open every day from 11am to 7pm.


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Driven by Dr. Olivier Courtin, myBlend a pioneer in a new era of luxury emphasizing effectiveness, authenticity, and responsibility, offers a complete and personalised beauty experience. As a visionary in skin regeneration, myBlend transcends age boundaries through the power of synergies combining skincare, nutritional supplement, and advanced technology. Blending practical luxury with ethics, myBlend is ensuring excellence and efficacy. The perfect combination of highly concentrated formulas, deep modelling and the power of technology, including the cutting-edge LED mask, for an ultimate well-being and instantly visible results. Efficiency, tolerance, and environmental respect make myBlend a unique beauty experience.

The Essential

The Essential treatment deeply stimulates your skin by combining highly concentrated formulas with intense facial sculpting, boosted by state-of-the-art technology chosen specifically for you. Effective treatments targeting your needs for an instant and visible skin transformation.

60 min €250 

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The signature treatment

A true experience of mindfulness, the myBlend Signature Treatment harmonises the body and mind, providing a dual effect of care and well-being. The myBlend Signature Treatment is an exceptional body and face treatment that brings together all our expertise for a unique and customised beauty experience.

90 min €280

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The Harmonizing

The Harmonizing massage offers an incredibly relaxing moment alternating Ayurvedic, Lomi Lomi and Balinese techniques to balance energy flows, eliminate stress and release tension points. The slow, sustained and deep movements combine undulating contact with vibrations to fully relax the body, for the ultimate in well-being.

60 min • €220 – 90 min • €270

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